Teacher Institute Q&A: Amy Wilkinson



What new skills did you acquire at the institute?

The experience opened-up my mind to programming and the complex processes materials must go through before they appear in Curriculum Pathways.

How did your experience at the institute match your expectations?

I wasn’t sure what to expect! I knew I wanted to learn more about what Curriculum Pathways had to offer me and give feedback about materials I had used. But the institute exceeded my expectations. When I gave feedback, I was treated as a professional, and I felt that my opinion mattered. I was able to be creative and collaborative by providing content. I also expanded my professional network.

Can you share a memorable moment from the summer?

Working with the other Teacher Institute participants to create our final project.

How did you feel on your first day? Your last?

On my first day I was nervous, wondering if I would fit in, who I’d be working with, and what we would do. On the last day I just didn’t want to the experience to end. I also had this thought: Can I do this again next summer?

Why should someone apply to the Teacher Institute?

To grow as an individual and as a professional. To work in an atmosphere that values your opinion as an educator, allows you to work collaboratively, and helps you become more creative.

Sum up the Teacher Institute in one word.


Want to join the 2019 Curriculum Pathways Teacher Institute? Applications are now open!

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