Medal with these Engaging Sports-themed Lessons


Tap into student interest in athletic competitions with these sports themed lessons.

Creating and Annotating Maps

Our Interactive Atlas (also available in Spanish) is a great tool for project-based learning. Using our map and annotation tools, students demonstrate mastery of content while engaging their research and writing skills. Consider the following sports related activities:

  • Athletes from Around the Globe. Have students create a map documenting what they learn about athletes from around the globe. Students can put a flag on the country and open a text box to write a brief description of an athlete or sport to highlight what they've learned from sports coverage. 
  • Medal Count. Use the Atlas as a scoring guide to document the number of medals (color code for gold, silver, and bronze) won by various countries in sporting events.
  • Where to Next? Track temperatures and snowfall to predict countries that would be the best locations for future winter sports competitions.

The Interactive Atlas allows students to create customized maps.

Sports History

Our interactive, student-led lessons are a wonderful resource for studying the history of sports.

Sports Data

Data Depot provides over 150 data sets for student use.

Our Data Depot -- a repository of clean, ready-to-use datasets -- can provide hours of athletics analytics fun. Get students thinking critically about topics like these:

Also, answer the question "when are we ever going to use this?" by using the medal count to create histograms in Graphing One-Variable Data, a lesson from our Algebra 1 Course. 

The Science of Sports

From figure skating to snowboarding, sports provide opportunities to discuss many scientific concepts. Draw connections with our interactive virtual labs (VLab), lab tutorials, and coding challenges.

Virtual Lab: Free Fall

Exploring Poetry about Sports

Yes, we have something for you too, ELA teachers. We have an entire series devoted to Exploring Poetry about Sports.

South Korea

Is South Korea a popular tourist destination? Analyze U.S. Air Passenger Travel Departures, which show the number of people traveling from the U.S. to different countries (including South Korea) between 1975 and 2015.

Enjoy the games.


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