Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month


This morning I had changua for breakfast. This typical breakfast soup is made with leche (milk), agua (water), cebolla (onion), cilantro, pan (bread) and un huevo tibio (a poached egg). Changua is a common Colombian dish that my parents served often. They are from Bogotá, so we often had other Colombian dishes, such as arepas and obleas with arequipe. Cuisine is just one aspect of my proud Colombian heritage.

Changua - from Spanish Language Builder: Verbs, Changua (QL #1470)

I enjoy celebrating that heritage, especially during National Hispanic Heritage Month, which occurs each year from September 15 to October 15 and recognizes Spanish and Latin American culture and contributions to the United States. 

The month-long celebration starts on independence day for several Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Other important anniversaries also occur during this month: Mexico’s independence day on September 16, Chile’s independence day on September 18, and Día de la Raza (Columbus Day) on October 12.

Spanish Interactive Atlas (QL# 2100)

This year’s theme is “Shaping the Bright Future of America.” Curriculum Pathways offers many resources you can use during this annual commemoration.

Let’s all celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Curriculum Pathways has over 140 individual resources that support Spanish language and culture, including the Spanish Interactive Atlas and Spanish Language Builder: Verbs.


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