New Feature! Saving and Sending Work with Portfolio


There's a new tab in Portfolio!

After several requests from students and educators around the world, we're happy to introduce Portfolio. It allows students to save, organize, and send their work directly from Curriculum PathwaysFrom the Portfolio tab on user home, you can do the following:

  • View your work. From the preview column, click the icon to get a view-only version of your work. Use the prompts to save, send, or print your work.
  • Organize your work. Organize your work into folders. Work you not longer need can be archived--not deleted--in case you want to access it later.
  • Resume working*. Click on the name of your work to open the resource and continue working where you left off.
  • Send your work to others. Use the send function to turn in your completed work. You can send your work to an e-mail address or a unique link; you can also share it to Google Classroom.

Similarly, from an individual resource, you can load previous work*, save your progress, and send you work to others. Simply look for the Portfolio icon in the header bar of the resource.

*Why can't I always reload my work?

In the Name column of the Portfolio, you'll notice some titles are linked while others are not. Linked work can be relaunched into the resource in order to resume working. Due to certain software limitations, not all resources support loading work at this time, but we're working hard on the issue!

For more information on how to use Portfolio, please read: FAQ: What is the Portfolio and how do I use it?


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