Attention Clever Users: Access Curriculum Pathways Today!


If you're a Clever customer who’d like to use over 1,700 free tools, resources, and apps, you can start by simply going to Curriculum Pathways and clicking on one of the Log In buttons.

You'll then see the following screen:

After clicking the blue Clever button, you are presented with this screen.

As you start typing your school name in the text box, a list of schools and districts will appear. As an example, we'll use Adams Elementary within Oklahoma City Schools.

After you select your school or district and click Submit, you'll see a button to direct you to your district’s login screen if it has a unique site. Shown below is the option to continue on and log in with Active Directory.

The personalized site for your district will appear. In this example, that's Oklahoma City Public Schools. At this point, you are able to log in using credentials for your school account.

If your district does not have a personalized log in screen, you will see the Clever log in screen adapt so you can enter your personal school account credentials.

Once you enter the credentials associated with your personal school account, you will be redirected back to the Curriculum Pathways site. Now you will be logged in and able to access all the resources Curriculum Pathways has to offer!

Alternatively, you can launch Curriculum Pathways through your Clever portal if you are already logged in. This will direct you to the Curriculum Pathways site, and you will be ready to interact with the resources instantly.


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Rachel Nisbet

Rachel Nisbet is a Graduate Intern in SAS Institute’s Education Practice. Rachel started at SAS in the summer of 2016 to promote Curriculum Pathways®, a curriculum product for K-12 and beyond, and to handle customer support inquires. Rachel graduated from North Carolina State University with two Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Secondary Mathematics Education. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Mathematics at NC State, while continuing her efforts to aid in the collaboration and outreach for Curriculum Pathways®.

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