ISTE 7-1-1: 7 Sessions, 1 Demo Area, and 1 Great Giveaway from Curriculum Pathways


If you are anything like us, then you are excited for ISTE 2017 in San Antonio. (Some of us may even have begun packing days ago.) We can't wait to share all that is new with Curriculum Pathways with thousands of amazing educators from across the country and around the world. ISTE has always proven to be a fantastic opportunity to discuss the future of technology in learning with educators, administrators, makers, and creators. And we are confident 2017 will continue to fulfill this promise.

Here's the 411 7-1-1 on where Curriculum Pathways will be at ISTE. We hope to see you there, June 25 to June 28 (or on social media if you are #notAtISTE).

Curriculum Pathways ISTE 2017 Schedule

Curriculum Pathways ISTE 2017 Schedule

7 Sessions

Join us for one (or more) of these posters and sessions. If you miss the session come visit us at booth 300 or learn more from the blog.

  1. Hyper About HyperDocs.HyperDocs allow teachers to create meaningful content, differentiate curriculum, encourage collaboration & inspire tech creativity- all in a student-driven package. Learn more in this post.
  2. Integrating Free Digital Tools to Support Student Writing in Google Docs. Discover free Curriculum Pathways digital writing resources, including a revision add-on and a punctuation tool that help students using Google Docs improve any type of writing. Learn more in this post.
  3. Creating Student-Generated Maps for Project-Based Learning and Beyond. Maps answer “where" questions, but this interactive atlas tool empowers students to create maps answering the "hows" and "whys" essential to project-based learning. A student-generated map with annotations highlighting inquiry-based data is the synergy of technology and creativity that ISTE standards demand.
  4. Collaborative CS for All (for Free) (BYOD Session). Get an introduction to SAS CodeSnaps: a collaborative coding activity that uses tangible, printed blocks. Learn more in this post.
  5. Strategies for Teaching Content-Specifc Academic Language to ELLs. This session highlights strategies for teaching instructional language and content-specific academic vocabulary. Learn more in this post.
  6. Active Reading Tools and Case Study Analysis With a Flip.Students interpret key passages and answer case-study questions in historical contexts like African imperialism or FDR's New Deal. Learn more in this post.
  7. Three Free Tools to Engage and Empower Your Math Students (BYOD Session). Graphing functions, solving equations, and simplifying expressions are essential math skills. These free tools from Curriculum Pathways empower student learning and promote understanding. Learn more in this post.

1 Demo Area

Stop by booth 300 in the demo hall. You'll have a chance to meet with our knowledgeable staff, including former master teachers, that have brought over 1,700+ resources to Curriculum Pathways. We can't wait to share what's new this year! In the booth we will have some exciting opportunities to try out 2 of our most popular resources: CodeSnaps and Writing Reviser Add-on for Google Docs. Whether you've coded before or not, you've never coded like this - CodeSnaps allows you to code using printed blocks that, when scanned into the CodeSnaps app, control a connected robot. And the Writing Reviser Add-on for Google Docs enables you, your students, anybody really to revise writing like a pro. Find areas of wordiness, or sentences with too many prepositional phrases and improve writing.

So, stop by and have a "Wow" moment. Let us know how we can make Curriculum Pathways better for you and for teachers and students. We look forward to the conversations at ISTE each year to spark innovation and fill our roadmap with new features, resources, and updates.

Don't forget to stop by and signup for a chance to win some great swag too!

A Great Giveaway

If you are at ISTE you'll want to swing by our booth (300) early to get your name entered into the drawings happening throughout the conference for a Sphero SPRK+. Bonus - Each Sphero will come with a printed set of CodeSnaps code blocks!

Enter for a chance to win a Sphero SPRK+ to use with CodeSnaps in your classroom.

Curriculum Pathways Giveaway at Booth 300

Will you be at ISTE? What topics are you most excited to discuss and learn more about? Let us know in the comments below. If you will be at ISTE or you are #notAtISTE like our Facebook page and/or follow us on twitter, @SASEducator for what will surely be a busy, learning-filled, fun week!


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