Social Studies Buried Treasure: Printable Blank Maps!


The English language arts team is having so much fun with Buried Treasures, I've decided to unearth one of the lesser-known but fantastic features of the Interactive Atlas: the printable Map Library.

First, a bit of background. In developing the Interactive Atlas, we looked at how social studies teachers—particularly in the middle grades—use maps. We noticed that many teachers’ web sites included links to printable maps. But inevitably these map sites required a subscription or included advertising, either of which could be a roadblock for student use.

It was clear that social studies teachers need easy-to-print blank maps. And so we added a map library to the Interactive Atlas! It really was as simple as that. The map database we used allowed us to easily create PDF versions of commonly-used blank maps for student use.

Here is just a sample of the available maps.

Each blank map is PDF for easy access and printing.

The map library includes blank maps that students regularly need, such as this one of U.S states.

Blank map of the United States with state borders. There is also a blank available without borders for U.S history uses.

In addition to continents, there are blank maps of different world regions too.

Blank region maps include the Middle East, Central America, and both Western and Eastern Europe, among others.

We also included several thematic and historical maps.

Historical blank maps from U.S. history include the thirteen original colonies and westward expansion.

So if you need a free, printable map for your social studies students, now you know just where to go!

Curriculum Pathways includes numerous social studies resources that utilize the Interactive Atlas. These are just a few of the available lessons:

1918 Pandemic: Global Reach of the "Spanish" Influenza
Elizabethan Exploration: One of Many Accomplishments
The Federal Reserve
Mapping the Amazon Rainforest
Mapping the World's Most Populous Countries
Building the Panama Canal
South America Language Map
Mapping Key Civil War Battles
Lewis and Clark Go West
African GDP/Life Expectancy Map



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