Canvas Users – Access Curriculum Pathways Resources Quickly and Easily!


If you're a Canvas customer who’d like to use our over 1,700 tools and lessons, you can start by simply adding Curriculum Pathways as an app.


You can find the SAS Curriculum Pathways app on the Canvas app page.

Creating Assignments using Curriculum Pathways resources

Once the app is set up, teachers can get started creating new assignments with Curriculum Pathways resources. Using either the Dashboard or Courses tab on the right side of the window, select the class in which the assignment will reside.


By clicking the appropriate course, you'll be taken to the class page home. In the window on the left, you'll see another set of tabs, including one for assignments. Click here to view all the current and past assignments you've created for this class. In the top right corner, you'll see a blue button labeled + Assignment, which allows you to create a new assignment. You may enter your assignment name, a description, who will complete the task, when it is due, etc.

Embedding Curriculum Pathways


To embed Curriculum Pathways in the assignment, you'll use the drop down menu box within the submission section of your assignment creation. You'll have the option to select an External Tool.



The Find button will allow you to select Curriculum Pathways and embed the link to the resource you wish to be completed.

Finding and selecting resources

Selecting Curriculum Pathways brings up the browse resources page. You can also do a keyword search using the search for resources text bar at the top of the pop-up box. Once you have found the resource(s) that you wish to include in your LMS, simply check the box labeled Add To My LMS beside the resource description; then select Back to my LMS to confirm your selections.


Once you're in Curriculum Pathways, on the left side, many filter options are available, such as discipline, grade level, type, and compatibility, which will direct you to the resource best suited for the assignment.

Submitting Student Work


For students to submit their work on this task, a second assignment must be created within Canvas. As before, click the + Assignment button in the proper course page and enter your assignment name, a description, who will complete the task, when it is due, etc. However, you will choose Online from the Submission Type box and select File Uploads.

By integrating Curriculum Pathways with Canvas, we not only offer all 1,700+ resources, but also allow easy implementation. Hopefully, with our smooth integration and this guidance, you're ready to begin using Curriculum Pathways in Canvas!


About Author

LeeEllen Harmer

Sr Account Executive

SAS’ CEO Dr. Jim Goodnight made Curriculum Pathways available at no cost to the nation’s educators in 2008 and committed SAS to continued support, enhancement and expansion of the web-based curriculum resources. It became Lee Ellen Harmer’s sole focus to promote the use of Curriculum Pathways in US schools…and it is now in use in thousands of schools in all 50 states. Lee Ellen originally joined SAS in 2008 to sell Curriculum Pathways, but has also managed sales of traditional SAS software for teaching and research in higher education. Much of her career has been in sales and marketing to the Education industry, including experience in enterprise software sales to the industry for Red Hat (a vendor of Linux and open source technology). She also has a strong background in IT, with prior experience at US Airways. Lee Ellen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a marketing concentration from Wake Forest University (Winston Salem, NC).


  1. I'm trying to add the app on Canvas -- It asks for a consumer key and shared secret. What would that be? I have an account with SAS and I've had my student sign up last fall.

    Please advise.

    • Scott McQuiggan
      Scott McQuiggan on

      Great question! Someone from the team will reach out to you shortly if they haven't already. Use the following steps to discover Curriculum Pathways in Canvas:

      - Login to Canvas.
      - Navigate to the Admin tab and select Settings.
      - Across the top, select the Apps tab.
      - In the External Apps search bar search for "Curriculum Pathways".
      - Select the Curriculum Pathways app and follow directions for obtaining the key and secret.

      Contact us at for support.

  2. What file will the kids upload? I'm trying to set up the SAS Assignment and everything seems to be working except the submission. Student do not have the option to submit as a pdf unless they email it to themselves which creates three additional step in order to turn in the assignment.

    • The Enlightened Monarchy assignment was the one I was trying to use. The Enlightened Philosopher assignment allowed me to create a PDF.

      • Ralph Moore

        If you use the Learning Management System of one of our partners students may be able to submit their work directly. Otherwise they can print it and hand in directly, save it as a PDF and then upload that work to your LMS, or email it directly to you. If your students have individual accounts, their work from resources such as Enlightened Philosophers are available in Portfolio.

        • LeeEllen Harmer
          LeeEllen Harmer on

          Additionally, from Canvas, you can download the PDF this way and have your students get a copy to then upload within their assignment:

          • Open up the Enlightened Monarchs resource
          • Load work or start answering the questions to save your work
          • Right click the page and select “Print”
          • Change the print destination to “Save to PDF”
          • That will create a PDF that can then be uploaded to Canvas

          Please let us know if you need anything else! Thank you!

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