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pr_blog_videotutorialWe all know the feeling. Call it "punctuation despair." The sense that you're about to do something dreadfully wrong. Sartre might have called it "l'inquiétude de la virgule incertaine" ("the disquiet of the uncertain comma").

Your writing assignment is due, and you’re still not sure whether the semicolon in your carefully crafted opening sentence should be replaced by a colon. Or a comma. Or no mark at all. Or you need some quick and easy help for using a question mark: should it go inside or outside the quotation marks?

You've worked hard on this paper, and you don't want to tarnish your work with sloppy mechanics. Your punctuation rule book never has an example that quite matches the one you're trying to write.

What to do?

The new iOS app addresses the nine essential punctuation marks

The new iOS app addresses the nine essential punctuation marks

Well, help has finally arrived. You can get just-in-time answers to these and many other questions with Punctuation Rules! It's now available for use on your iPad and iPhone.

You'll see all the features that have made Punctuation Rules! one of our most popular resources, and you'll find some enhancements:

  • Each of the 22 punctuation rules is now searchable, linkable, and launchable.
  • Instruction on each rule demonstrates the connection between punctuation and meaning.
  • Students provide specific words, phrases, and clauses to create sentences and punctuate them.
  • Because we use the same language parser as in Writing Reviser, students learn to punctuate their own sentences, rather than abstract examples in which they have no investment.
  • A new menu system helps accommodate smaller screens.
  • In Practice, an indicator is color-coded to show progress.
  • Also in Practice, correct and incorrect answers are accompanied by audio feedback.
  • Students complete short quizzes to check understanding.

We can't promise that Punctuation Rules! will allay all types of existential dread, but it's an ironclad cure for punctuation despair!


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