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If you’ve been looking for an engaging punctuation tool that students can use on their tablets or phones, your search is over. Punctuation Rules!, one of our most popular web-based resources, has been converted to HTML5 and is now mobile ready.

A new menu structure fits smaller mobile screens.

A new menu structure fits smaller mobile screens.

New Features

The updated tool includes a few enhancements we think you and your students will love:

  • A new menu system helps accommodate smaller screens.
  • Each of the 22 punctuation rules is now searchable, linkable, and launchable.
  • In Practice, an indicator is color-coded to show progress.
  • Also in Practice, correct and incorrect answers are accompanied by audio feedback.
  • All of the videos featured in Punctuation Rules! are also available on the SAS Curriculum Pathways YouTube channel.

The Rules Still Rule!

And don’t worry. You'll still see all the great features that have long made Punctuation Rules! such an effective tool:

  • Students learn the basic rules of punctuation.
  • They demonstrate the connection between punctuation and meaning.
  • They provide specific words, phrases, and clauses to create sentences and apply punctuation.
  • Because we use the same language parser as in Writing Reviser, students learn to punctuate their own sentences, rather than abstract examples in which they have no investment.
  • They complete short quizzes to check understanding.

And coming soon -- iOS and Chromebook Apps!

Finally, there’s more good news. We’re currently working hard to create iOS and Chromebook apps for Punctuation Rules!  These should be ready by late summer, just in time to punctuate the early fall with dynamic instruction to improve student writing.

You can watch all of the Punctuation Rules! instructional videos on our YouTube channel or use the full features of this online interactive tool at SAS Curriculum Pathways.


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