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As 2015 comes to a close, let's look back on the great year at SAS Curriculum Pathways. Again, we saw record-breaking new users, soaring student usage, and tons of app downloads. While we love all of our 1,500+ resources, here are the ones that teachers and students used the most in 2015.

3 Top Resources

Algebra 1

Explore video and text that address concepts covered in Algebra 1. As you complete the course units, you'll learn how to solve equations and inequalities, identify sequences, graph functions, display and analyze data, simplify radical and polynomial expressions, and factor polynomial expressions.

Writing Navigator

Writing Navigator is a suite of tools to guide and support students in all four stages of the writing process: planning, drafting, revising, and publishing. Writing Navigator is now available at, on the iPad, and chromebook; it's also an Add-on for Google Docs.
Writing Navigator Suite

Punctuation Rules

Explore the most common punctuation marks and their uses. You'll learn the rules of punctuation; demonstrate the connection between punctuation and meaning; and provide specific words, phrases, and clauses to create sentences and apply what you've learned. And, believe it or not, you'll have fun. You can complete the quizzes to check your understanding.
Puctuation Rules

3 Top Apps

Flash Cards

FlashCardsRoundedCreate, learn, and share flash cards. You can download and play decks in any subject, create new decks in a variety of question formats, and share your decks with others (for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch). Easily add pictures, drawings, and audio to your decks. The Flash Card app is now available on the web as well. Learn more about SAS Flash Cards here.

Math Stretch

SAS Math StretchUpdated earlier this month, SAS Math Stretch provides a suite of activities to develop elementary math skills and number sense. The app includes exercises that target counting, number relations and operations, as well as telling and manipulating time. Settings allow students, parents, and teachers to control the level of difficulty for each activity. Download SAS Math Stretch today from the App Store and Google Play!

Reading Records

ReadingRecsRoundedAvailable in the App Store and Chrome Store, Reading Records allows users to monitor reading skills in a more time-efficient manner. Students read and record a passage, answer related quiz questions, and retell what they've read in their own words. The tool's library contains numerous reading passages (various Lexile® levels, both fiction and nonfiction); teachers can also generate passages themselves. See how Reading Records can work for you!


We also released a new book all about mobile learning, Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Developers, Educators, and Learners. This book provides research-based foundations for developing, evaluating, and integrating effective mobile learning pedagogy. Be sure check out all of our #MLearning resources here, at

3 Top "New in 2015"

Explore! Primary Sources

Explore four centuries of primary sources provided with historical context and content-based questions to encourage active reading. Curated for grade-level and content needs, resources are perfect for both student inquiries and teacher-led activities. Start practicing for the new SAT evidence-based reading section that promises at least one encounter with Founding Documents.

Algebra Chrome App

Our complete Algebra 1 course (described above) is now available as an app for Chromebooks. And it's free! Check it out here in the Chrome Web Store. The full course is now even easier to access from your Chromebook.

Writing Reviser Add-on

We've released the most popular tool from the Writing Navigator suite, Writing Reviser, as an Add-on for Google Docs. This add-on provides students with feedback about their writing and enables them to address a range of potential writing problems, including weak verbs, mind-numbing prepositional phrases, dangling modifiers, and faulty sentence structure. Best of all, this all happens right inside your Google Doc. Give it a try; it's free!
Writing Reviser

3 Top Videos

The top 3 videos all come from the Spanish Video Library series. And we recently released a new app for AppleTV that contains all 3 top videos and more.



Los meses del año

This video is designed to build mastery of the language, introducing and reinforcing Spanish vocabulary for the months of the year. Watch and listen as native speakers discuss the question, ¿En qué mes estamos?


Los días de la semana

This video builds language mastery, introducing and reinforcing Spanish vocabulary for the days of the week. Students watch and listen as native speakers discuss the question, ¿Qué día es hoy?


Las estaciones

Spanish vocabulary for seasons and the weather are introduced in this video. Students watch and listen as native speakers discuss the questions, ¿Qué tiempo hace? and ¿Cuál es la estación?


3 Top Tweets


3 Top Blog Posts

5 Reasons Young and Old Writers Need the SAS Writing Reviser Add-on for Google Docs

image of the Writing Reviser add-on highlighting all prepositional phrases

All prepositional phrases in a writing draft highlighted by the SAS Writing Reviser.


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The Great App Checklist,

The Great App Checklist,


How to Get Started with the Writing Reviser Add-on for Google Docs

Find Writing Reviser from the Google Docs Add-ons menu.

We hope you've enjoyed and benefitted from these and all our resources. We look forward to working with you in 2016.


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