Our Free Algebra 1 Course: The Basics


Curriculum Pathways has an Algebra 1 Course. That’s right, an entire standards-aligned course! And this resource is much more than a typical math textbook. PLUS, it’s a cross-platform resource! Yes, you read that correctly, cross-platform. That means this resource can be used on the PC, iPad, and Chromebook. And it supports Math 1!  So let me tell you a little more about the course.

The Algebra 1 Course consists of 46 lessons organized into 10 units. In addition, students can work through two Pre-Algebra units (7 lessons) in preparation for the course.


Each lesson uses real-world examples, images, video, animation, audio, and manipulatives to engage students in the learning process and to develop students’ skills in problem-solving, reasoning, procedural fluency, and communication.

QL #5072 Learn 4

Each lesson contains five parts: Get Ready, Learn, Practice, Review, and Quiz. Here’s what each section provides.

Get Ready

The Get Ready section provides students with an overview of the lesson by presenting a real-world connection or by reminding students of key prerequisite concepts needed for the lesson. Students also receive lesson objectives and key vocabulary terms.

QL #5073 Get Ready


The bulk of the instructional content lies in the Learn section. Each learn page provides content with interactive components and guided practice. Working through the guided-practice problems, students receive  immediate feedback. Congratulatory feedback reassures students; instructive feedback helps them persevere through mistakes.

QL #5024 Learn 4


Practice provides additional problems, similar to those in the Learn section, for students to confirm their learning. Students receive immediate and instructive feedback. Once they finish, students can save, print, or send a summary of their results.

QL #5072 Practice #2


Review provides students with a summary of the lesson and reviews pertinent information. Students can access printable materials for later use.

QL #6011 Review


Finally, students assess their understanding of the content with Quiz. Unlike Practice, the Quiz section does not offer immediate feedback. Final, graded answers include the student's full work for teacher review. Students can save, print, or send their results.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the entire Algebra 1 course (QL #5100).




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