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We hope you are loving the changes we've made to the SAS Curriculum Pathways site. We gave you an overview of the new features earlier this week, but let's dive deeper into some of the ways we've added personalization to help meet your specific needs.

Capture2The biggest change in this department is the new user home page. This houses everything specific to you and is a great place to start whenever you're using SAS Curriculum Pathways. The first thing you'll see is your recent activity. This is a quick way to see what resources you've been using as a refresher or to get back to them quickly. If you want to see a longer history, check out the Recent Activity tab where you can browse your activity for as long as you've been a user!

Another thing you'll notice on your home page is recommended resources. These are resources we think you might like based on your recent activity, whether they're on a related topic or are often used together by other users. Hopefully, these recommendations can point you to some interesting resources you didn't know about.

Savvy users may also have noticed that we've replaced our old "Favorites" with "Tags." Tags let you mark resources you want to come back to again—whether you've used it and love it, or just saw it and want to remember to check it out later. You can also use labels to organize your tags in whatever wayredesign-tags makes sense to you. You can create labels for lesson plans, content areas, or your different classes. Resources can have as many labels as you like so feel free to get creative! You can also add notes to help you remember what you liked about a resource, how you plan to use it, or anything else that comes to mind. You'll be able to see all of your tags on your home page, but you can also see and filter by tagged resources from search to help find what you need.

We hope you like our new personalization changes, but we don't plan on stopping there. Now that you can rate resources, we'll be able to use those ratings to provide more tailored recommendations. We also would like to make it easier for you to find resources that align to the standards you're most interested in, and we're looking into more ways to personalize search results. We'd love to hear from you about the changes we've made, what we've got planned, or any other ideas that would make a better experience for you!


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Jen Sabourin

Jen Sabourin is a software developer and research scientist with Curriculum Pathways. She works on developing innovative educational tools and understanding how these tools can best be used to support learners. She joined the team in 2010 as an intern while working on her PhD in Computer Science at North Carolina State University. Both in her graduate work and on the Curriculum Pathways team she focuses on how artificial intelligence and data mining can be used to drive innovation in educational technologies. Outside of work she loves DIY, cooking, and hanging out with her husband and new baby.

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