ISTE: Summer Learning and an Extra Scoop of #EdTech


The end of June brings summer vacations, ice cream, and lots of time in the pool!  While educators look forward to all of those things, many hold off on their vacations until after they attend ISTE – a conference with an international following and an extra scoop of #edtech!

Why is ISTE so compelling?  The conference offers a wealth of professional development opportunities, workshops, and hands-on sessions.  Educators glean information about #edtech trends and take away ideas  they can immediately implement into their districts, schools, and classrooms.

For example, SAS Curriculum Pathways social studies curriculum specialist Molly Farrow will be leading a session on flipping the classroom: Active Reading and Case Study Analysis with a Flip.  In this session, educators are directed to key passages that students review at home and use to answer case-study questions about historical events, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Educators then “flip” the classroom by using a reading tool that facilitates text analysis in class.
Molly leads another session entitled Interactive Atlas: Making Annotated Maps that Showcase Inquiry,  in which she showcases the Interactive Atlas, just one of the 1,250+ free apps, tools, and resources from SAS Curriculum Pathways. Attendees can see the resource in action and learn more by visiting Booth #105 in the Expo Hall.

Speaking of the Expo Hall, aside from the wealth of knowledge shared at ISTE, there are also many chances for networking.  Not only can educators share ideas and best practices with others from districts throughout the US (and the world), they can network with vendors as well.  A visit to the Expo Hall offers interactions galore!  Looking for a new LMS?  Purchasing new classroom tools?  Eager to discuss professional development plans content providers?  Need high-quality free digital content?  All of these conversations, and more, can be had at the Expo.  (Did we mention that SAS Curriculum Pathways offers FREE tools, apps, and resources for K-12 and beyond?  Find them at Booth #105.)

If you weren’t already aware of ISTE’s allure, we hope you’re convinced now.  Call up your friends and family, let them know you’ll be arriving at the beach a little late, and book your trip to #ISTE2015 today.  Be sure to come by Booth 105 and visit with us while you’re there!  We promise to give you that extra scoop of #edtech - #free.  No catch. Promise.


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Lee Ellen Harmer

Outreach and Collaborations Manager

Lee Ellen Harmer is a member of the Social Innovation Division at SAS, a team committed to finding innovative ways to apply SAS® technology to the world's most pressing needs. While focused heavily on global sustainability issues, the Social Innovation team also works to support the next generation of innovators, introducing young learners to data, how it can be used to better understand global issues, and how to turn those insights into action in their own communities. Lee Ellen's role encompasses marketing, communications, and partnerships to help promote the adoption of data literacy, coding, and AI for K12. SAS believes in promoting learning for all, with the goal of building a global community of innovators. Lee Ellen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a marketing concentration from Wake Forest University (Winston Salem, NC).

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