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CP_deviceMobile devices are arriving in classrooms around the world in soaring numbers. Chromebooks and iPads are everywhere – from 1:1 programs to BYOD to carts classes can share.  Why is that important? Because these devices have the power to change the classroom, provided teachers have the right integration strategies and lesson plans to differentiate instruction – and the right apps.

While we continue to build web-based resources in HTML5 to support browsers on any device, we are also developing native apps that integrate seamlessly with features of mobile devices. As with all of our resources, you'll find them available at no cost in their respective app store.

Let’s take a look at a few of our mobile highlights through the lens of math, reading, and writing.


SAS Math Stretch for the iPad provides a suite of activities to develop elementary math skills and number sense. These activities can be customized to meet students' knowledge and challenge them throughout K-5. Teachers tell us they love using it in middle school as warm-up exercises. We’ve recently added decimals and fractions throughout the activities.

SAS Math Stretch

SAS Math Stretch QL #8004

  • Exercises target counting, number relations and operations, and telling and manipulating time.
  • Settings allow students, parents, and teachers to control the level of difficulty for each activity.
  • Practice sessions and completed quizzes can be shared with parents and teachers.


We have two apps designed to support student reading development. First, SAS Read Aloud helps students develop a love for reading through shared reading experiences. Teachers, parents, and students can record themselves reading any of the over 40 free books and still get that great word-by-word highlighting that helps students as they develop reading skills such as print knowledge.

SAS Read Aloud

SAS Read Aloud QL #8003

Also available for free on the web, in the App Store and the Chrome Web Store, SAS Reading Records is a flexible tool designed to support many methods for conducting running records. Running records of students’ reading are a valuable source of data for reading instruction, but also a significant time sink; they can also be tricky to administer. Reading Records is an anytime, anywhere solution that promises to yield the same valuable data without compromising class time (and also providing several enhancements to the old paper-and-pencil method).



SAS Writing Navigator, available on the web, iPad and Chromebook, is a suite of four tools, one for each step in the writing process – planning, drafting, revising, and publishing. Each tool offers numerous instructional features that help students create an effective plan, draft well-constructed sentences and paragraphs, revise their work in thoughtful ways, and prepare their written work for sharing with an audience.


And More...

With SAS Flash Cards, students can create decks easily, learn efficiently, and share their work with others on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Students can also download and play decks in any subject and in various question formats. Decks have been created on virtually every subject from sight words and animal identification to nursing terminology and diagrams of atoms. This is a great one for students of any age!

SAS Flash Cards

SAS Flash Cards QL #8000

SAS Data Notebook lets students take control of their learning and monitor their progress. Built-in templates for mission statements, goals, checklists, plus/deltas, spelling lists, and histograms are included. Data Notebook even includes a scratch paper template where students can load pictures, create drawings, and more. A new text page enables students to take notes, keep a journal, or perform any other writing tasks organized in their notebook. Students can also add sections in order to set, monitor, and reflect on individual goals by subject. Notebooks can now be emailed to teachers, parents, or friends.

SAS Data Notebook

SAS Data Notebook QL #8002


We've added a helpful search filter for finding mobile-friendly resources. As you begin your search at sascurriculumpathways.com, use the No Plug-in Needed filter to zero in on those mobile-ready resources.


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