Writing Navigator: Auto-Save to the Rescue


Perhaps you’ve had this nightmare. You’ve spent hours planning and drafting an essay for an assignment that’s due the next day. All of a sudden, your computer freezes or shuts down, and you can’t save your work. All that effort, all that time—wasted. And your deadline still looms.

Well, there’s good news. All four products in the Writing Navigator series now feature auto-save, available automatically when using individual student and teacher accounts.

Auto-save works as you type or edit your document. It saves not only your essay but also the purpose and audience statements and all research information. So this essay-vanishing nightmare will never haunt you again.

Student portfolio showing both saved and auto-saved documents.

Student portfolio showing both saved and auto-saved documents.

With auto-save, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Check an indicator in the upper right of the page showing auto-save status. You will know when changes are pending, work is currently saving, or work is already saved.
  • Auto-save even when starting from scratch. These file names will appear as Auto-save, Auto-save (2), etc., in your portfolio.
  • View (in the load saved-work screen) both your auto-saved version and the last version you manually saved.
  • Close your browser window with confidence. If a save is pending, we’ll warn you before letting you close it.

So relax. No need to worry about power outages or closing a browser by mistake. With the new auto-save feature, you’ll always meet that deadline.


The auto-save indicator changes to reveal the document’s current status.




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