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In Curriculum Pathways, elementary students and teachers will find a wealth of thematically organized resources that are age-appropriate and help students learn basic expressions, words, and phrases in context. Students explore and discover the Spanish language and culture by interacting with the resources.

Our Spanish Language Videos introduce and reinforce Spanish vocabulary within a thematic context. Students listen to native speakers, experience real-world situations, and view dynamic visuals while following the adventures of Miguel and Sabo!

These visually dynamic videos are also available as a Spanish Video Library app for Apple TV, and can be found on the Curriculum Pathways YouTube channel.


Our (still growing!) Spanish Video Series currently includes the following:

Each video comes with a transcript, a deck of Flash Cards, and a handout to review vocabulary and grammatical elements and assess comprehension.

What are teachers saying? Curriculum Pathways Master Teacher Paula Green recently shared the success her 2nd graders had with La familia:

It was a great lesson and [another Spanish teacher]has already discovered many other Spanish lessons and begun to use them with her other K-6 classes.


Many of our other Spanish resources also offer videos to enhance listening skills and visuals to build interest and understanding. The Spanish Language Builder series Grammatical Elements and Verbs offers modules with a short video, a practice section for immediate feedback, and a drag-and-drop quiz. In Likes and Dislikes students view a tutorial to identify the proper use of gusta and gustan, and in Greetings and Farewells, students learn los saludos (hello) and las despedidas (goodbye).

Be sure to check out these additional elementary Spanish resources:


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