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SAS Curriculum Pathways - English Language Arts

Keeping up with the pace of technology innovation–while simultaneously planning resource integration in an online, blended, or traditional classroom–is really more than a full-time job. So why not earn renewal credits while you do it?

Through our online professional-development course offerings, participants learn how SAS® Curriculum Pathways®  helps educators achieve academic goals by:

  • Providing resources built the way people learn
  • Addressing higher-order learning objectives
  • Enabling differentiated instruction
  • Integrating real world skills with core subjects
"This is a great course and starts at the bare bones to help create scaffolding for teachers who may still be unfamiliar with the program." — NC social studies teacher

All of our current courses are provided at no-cost. They are also asynchronous: you can complete assignments over time, as you have time. And while some require classroom technology integration, the Building Unit Plans with SAS Curriculum Pathways course can be completed outside the constraints of your school calendar.

All three courses guide and support teachers as they learn about SAS Curriculum Pathways resources and integrate them into existing curricula. And because our online resources cover the K-12 curriculum– including English language arts, math, reading, science, social studies, and Spanish–there's a course option for almost any teacher.

Here’s a quick overview of the current options.

Exploring SAS Curriculum Pathways
This introductory, two-part activity will familiarize you with the technical requirements, available resources, and features in SAS Curriculum Pathways for your specific discipline or interest. Most participants will complete this activity in fewer than 45 minutes.

Getting Started with SAS Curriculum Pathways
In this asynchronous, self-paced course, you will progress from learning about SAS Curriculum Pathways resources that support learning in elementary, middle, and high school, to developing lesson plans that incorporate its resources to meet specific instructional and curricular goals. This course must be completed during the school year as it includes classroom-integration assignments.

"This course made me comforable with accessing the various resources, making them a part of my instructional time." — TX math teacher

Building Unit Plans with SAS Curriculum Pathways
This asynchronous, self-paced course guides and supports you in developing instructional plans that reflect best practices for technology integration. The course can be taken at any point in the calendar year. It's a popular summer course because classroom-integrations are not required.

Targeting Instructional Outcomes with SAS Curriculum Pathways
This asynchronous, self-paced course presents models of effective integration and provides guidance during your planning and classroom implementations. This course must be completed during the school year because it includes classroom-integration assignments.

So why wait? You can get started today!

"I hope to influence more teachers to take this course." — WV math teacher

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Ralph Moore

Ralph Moore coordinates and conducts professional development for Curriculum Pathways. He works with schools and organizations around the country and has presented at conferences for organizations such as the National Council for the Social Studies and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. A former army officer and social studies teacher, he spent 10 years on the Curriculum Pathways humanities team creating new digital curriculum products.

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