FAQ: How do resources save student work?


Many resources record student work online.save

Student work is retained only as long as the browser is open.

  • Before closing the browser, students must save, print, or email (if an available option) their work.
  • Student work from a previous browser session is not available.

Some resources allow students to save work. These include:

  • Writing Navigator Series
  • SAS Reading Records
  • SAS Flash Cards

Students (and teachers) with individual accounts can save and reload work by following the specific instructions for these resources.

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    • Ralph Moore

      That functionality already exists in the Writing Navigator tools: Planner, Drafter, Reviser, and Publisher. We are working on other options of that type for existing and future resources. Thanks for asking!

      • Hi there, the saving issue is a huge issue for my teachers. Is there potential to send the QL lessons to their Google Drive? Someway to allow students to resume their work after logging out for the period for all lessons (other than the ones names above).
        It's that one thing holding this resource back for us.

        • Ralph Moore

          Currently users can save their work when using the Writing Navigator series, and then return to it during later sessions. For other resources that utilize the Save/Print/Send function, users can save their current work as a PDF document. While they cannot edit that work further, they can resume work later and save additional work as another PDF. We are working on further functionality related to saving student work. Thanks for the question!

          • David Balmer on

            Were there any developments in allowing students to save their progress in other applications? i.e. The Multimedia Lessons like #936

  1. Hello our University purchased this program for us. However, I can not load my Microsoft word essays to this program so that it can be revised. can you walk me step by step please?thanks in advance. sam 6098510731 or text back

    • Ralph Moore

      If you are referring to the Writing Navigator you can simply cut and paste your essay into the tools. Take a look at the Quick Tour link at the bottom of the home page of each tool for a handy video overview. Thanks!

  2. Ralph Moore

    Students with individual accounts can save their work throughout the Writing Navigator process, moving their writing from plan to publish. Each tool in the Writing Navigator has a Quick Tour video on the home page that describes the entire process, including how to move student work to the next tool.

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