FAQ: How do I get a Homeschool account?


Homeschool educators should register as teachers using the online Sign-Up application.


Once you have registered for a no-cost account and verified your email address, the next step is to get your homeschool account set up. This allows you to add your students and get access to support materials. Here's how:

  • Log in with your teacher credentials.
  • Click on the Settings tab just below the Welcome image.
  • Select the School Info tab.
  • Choose your country.
  • Enter your zip or postal code.
  • Begin typing your name in the School Name entry field.
  • Select "Can't find my school" when it appears.
  • Answer Yes to "Are you a homeschool?" and submit.

A new school titled your name + homeschool is added to our records, and your teacher account is automatically associated with it.

To register students, select the Student Accounts tab under Settings and follow the instructions to get your teacher sign-up code. Return to the Sign-Up application and use the sign-up code as indicated for each student registration.

If you have previously indicated another school, you can modify your school association by choosing Settings > School Info. You can contact us directly to request access to support materials.

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