SAS Science Adventures with Kelvin!


Kelvin (the N.C. Science Festival robot) came to SAS in preparation for the N.C. Science Festival. He had a grand ole time meeting new faces and, even better, new technologies.

And I am not going to lie, I enjoyed touring the campus to find more fun things I didn't even know about. Thanks, Kelvin! These were some of our adventures:

  • Visiting the emerging technologies lab with our good friend Matt and trying out some neat gadgets, watching the 3D printer work its magic, and even playing with a giant Microsoft PixelSense table
  • Making oobleck
  • Hanging out with some robobuddies Wall-E and Sphero
  • Stealing some M&M'S® to work on a Data Depot lesson "M&M'S®: Are the colors evenly distributed?"
  • Visiting a co-worker who has a large fascination with Legos
  • Checking out SAS Analytics U
  • Talking it up with Teddy Roosevelt and Einstein about engineering
  • Almost going for a swim in the fountain to learn about Stream Ecology, but we set him straight

Kelvin rounded out his time with us at the UNC Science Expo on Saturday, April 12th, teaching crowds all about our apps.

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