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Feedback from educators has been vital to building and refining SAS Curriculum Pathways. The impetus for many of our resources—Writing Reviser for example—came from conversations with teachers around the country.

Our Community page invites teachers to share their experiences using SAS Curriculum Pathways with their students. Entries are easy to create, and can be searched by discipline and author. With input from teachers across the U.S., and from as far away as Bolivia, our Community provides a wealth of knowledge on how teachers have integrated resources and how students have responded.

This activity went GREAT!!! My students love ... answering the problems on the SMART Board. This truly kept them engaged.
— NC math teacher on Flash Cards: Fractions

Student writings were strengthened by this activity, and they were eager to discuss how strong verbs helped them in their writing.
— TN English Language Arts teacher on Abraham Lincoln Shows How to Choose Strong Verbs

Some Community posts provide detailed classroom implementation details.

Analyzing Box and Whisker Plots

I split my class into groups of four. (I have a four-person computer lab in my classroom.) I then had one group do the Internet investigation, QL #121. The second group worked on writing down the assumptions and making sure that all conditions were being meet with explanations so that a 1 sample t-test would be an appropriate analysis. The third group input and analyzed the data and came up with a conclusion. The final group utilized the calculators to create box plots and histograms as part of the initial analysis without having the benefit of the investigation.

— TX math teacher on Analyzing Box-and-Whisker Plots

I shortened this exercise somewhat. Because we had already solved a series of gas law problems in the classroom, I did not have the students do additional standard gas law problems in this activity. Rather, I had them explore the informational web sites and then do the In-Class set of 3 problems in teams of 3-4 students.
— WV science teacher on Mass-volume Stoichiometry

Technology integration is not always a smooth process, and some Community posts reflect that reality.

Other than the broken links, the lesson was fabulous. I did e-mail SAS with the broken link and received a response the next day that it was up and running again.
— TN science teacher on Magnetism & Its Uses

But most entries reflect the transformative impact of high-quality, standards-based interactive resources.

The Apply activity proved challenging for some but was quite beneficial overall. I like how it asks students to relate the key point and apply the connection; this helps to foster higher order of thinking. I enjoyed working with this lesson and found it quite productive.
— NH social studies teacher on World War II: The Homefront

I will definitely use this lesson again. I was able to achieve every goal set prior to the lesson. All students, at every level of learning, were engaged and motivated. The information, along with the breakdown of the information, helps students to clearly identify what is important.
— NY social studies teacher on Renaissance Man: Leonardo

My students really enjoyed this activity.
— WI Spanish teacher on Adjective Agreement

The takeaway from all this? As you plan the integration of SAS Curriculum Pathways resources, take a few minutes to review how other teachers have used a resource. There is a lot of wisdom out there.


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