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This is the second in a series detailing how SAS Curriculum Pathways supports the Advanced Placement curriculum. For an introduction and overview, check out this earlier post.

One of the joys of teaching Advanced Placement English is helping students learn to analyze and write about complex texts. Whether you ask them to sail to Byzantium with Yeats, wander through labyrinths with Borges, or dive into Walden Pond with Thoreau, you can enhance these journeys with high-quality supporting materials. SAS Curriculum Pathways offers a wealth of resources that do just that.

Students taking the AP English Literature and Composition course learn to read and write about imaginative literature from different genres and periods. Students explore literary elements, interpret texts, and evaluate their quality. They develop writing skills by expressing ideas and analyses in expository, argumentative, and analytical essays.

Here’s a list of just a few of the SAS Curriculum Pathways resources that will help your students develop these skills:

AP English Language and Composition focuses on the critical reading of complex texts, most of which are nonfiction. Students analyze information from these texts, applying rhetorical strategies as they work their way through all stages of the writing process. They learn to write arguments, make inquiries, and conduct research.

SAS Curriculum Pathways resources such as the following will help your students develop these skills:



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Terry Hardison oversees the development of English language arts resources for Curriculum Pathways. Prior to joining SAS, Terry worked for 21 years as a teacher and as a district-level English language arts supervisor.

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