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SAS Curriculum Pathways: Reading Records

We are excited to introduce our latest resource, Reading Records. Reading Records provides a more time-efficient way to monitor reading skills. Students read and record a passage, answer related quiz questions, and restate what they've read in their own words.

Improving Current Methods

Running records of students’ reading are considered a valuable source of data for reading instruction, but also a significant time sink and generally tricky to administer. Reading Records is an anytime, anywhere solution that promises to yield the same valuable data without compromising precious class time (while providing several enhancements to the old paper-and-pencil method).

With Reading Records, educators can assign, grade, and analyze running records without being one-on-one with a student. With the student interface, young readers can complete assignments, view their results, and monitor their progress from anywhere.

Take a Look

SAS Curriculum Pathways: Reading Records Dashboard

Curriculum Pathways: Reading Records Dashboard

Through the main dashboard, teachers create classes, add students, and assign readings. Students submit their work and receive grades from the teacher via the student dashboard.

SAS Curriculum Pathways Reading Records Library

Curriculum Pathways: Reading Records Library

Teachers may also browse the expansive library loaded with fiction and non-fiction passages. Each passage comes with illustrations, the official Lexile® measure, a 4-item, multiple-choice comprehension quiz, and a prompt asking students to retell what they just read in their own words. Users can also “create their own” passages and comprehension quizzes.

SAS Curriculum Pathways: Reading Records Passage

Curriculum Pathways: Reading Records Passage

In the main dashboard, the student selects the assignment, chooses the reading he prefers, and begins. The system listens along and records the student’s voice as he reads the passage aloud.

SAS Curriculum Pathways: Reading Records Retell Passage

Curriculum Pathways: Reading Records Retell Passage

There is also a retell portion. Again, as the student retells the story in his own words, the system captures this recording. Finally, he responds to the quiz questions, referring back to the text as necessary, and submits the assignment.

SAS Curriculum Pathways: Reading Records Student

Curriculum Pathways: Reading Records Student

In the teacher interface, teachers see all assignments completed and ready for grading. They listen to a student’s recording, assess the student’s overall fluency, view the automatically graded quiz, and see all statistics in real-time.

Come and Get It

Reading Records is a resource that we are still working on. We want to make this product everything you ever wanted...including making it available as an app. Check back for updates and added features. In the meantime, try it out today. We'd love to hear your feedback!



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