What's New: March 5th Edition

Here at SAS Curriculum Pathways, we are constantly creating content. In our latest update, we have everything from hover cars to dinosaurs! Check them out!
SAS Curriculum Pathways: La casa

SAS Curriculum Pathways: La casa

La casa

From our Spanish language video series, our newest installment is designed to build mastery of the language, introducing and reinforcing Spanish vocabulary about your home. Watch and listen as native speakers discuss the question ¿Es su casa?

SAS Curriculum Pathways Tool-Based Lessons

SAS Curriculum Pathways: Tool-based Lessons

Tool-based Lessons: English Language Arts

To increase our growing collection of tool-based lessons, we now have materials to help middle school students read and respond to complex, high-quality literary and informational texts using the tools in the Writing Navigator.

SAS Curriculum Pathways: Reading Records

SAS Curriculum Pathways: Reading Records

Reading Records

Fresh from the oven (watch your fingers!), we have our newest tool for the elementary school crowd. With this tool, teachers can monitor reading skills in a more time-efficient manner. Reading Records facilitates the creation, completion, grading, and monitoring of reading assignments across platforms.
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