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Paul Gittins 0
Nine years (and still together)

The IT industry is littered with examples of short-lived corporate partnerships and alliances that often appear impressive but regularly end or are withdrawn after the initial enthusiasm wanes. The old adage that “actions speaker louder than words” is especially pertinent and I regularly encourage clients to look for tangible examples

Kristine Vick 0
Analytics on a grand scale

The speed and accuracy of your organization's response to complex analysis can make or break a decision, opportunity or profitable execution. Organizations are increasingly turning to innovative technologies such as high-performance analytics to ensure timely, precise decisions. Join live as Scott Chastain, Director of Information Management and Delivery, SAS, along

Dr. Insight 1
The League of Analytic Superheroes needs your help

Friends, it's with a burdened heart that I inform you of strange and mysterious happenings in the city of Datapolis. In this bustling metropolis, amongst impressive edifices of commerce and government, people are making suboptimal decisions based on emotion and guesswork. This chaos threatens our way of life, and possibly

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