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SAS loves stats: Sarah Watson

As a recent Master’s of Science in Advanced Analytics grad, Sarah Watson has a fresh take on the statistical sciences profession.  And she’s excited about the long overdue attention it’s getting with today’s businesses. It seems the growing popularity of statistics is no longer an outlier. A marketing analyst for JMP,

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SAS loves stats: Mark Bailey

Statistics. Should this branch of study call its home with mathematics or the sciences? Mark Bailey is a self-proclaimed science enthusiast, so you can guess which way he leans.  As a full-time instructor with JMP, Mark use statistics in his job to help customers decipher their data. That means a

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SAS loves stats: Di Michelson

There’s a good probability that whether Di Michelson is teaching a statistics course, hiking, playing the guitar, solving cryptic crosswords or going geocaching with her family, she can tell you how math influences her day. As a senior analytical training consultant in SAS Education supporting JMP, Di shares that problem-solving

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SAS loves stats: Marc Huber

If you’ve got a few minutes to chat with Marc Huber, don’t miss the opportunity. He has an interesting take on the human side of statistics.  As a senior analytical training consultant for SAS, he combines an impressive background in psychology with a passion for math to teach customers around the

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SAS loves math: Wendy McHenry

From figuring out the optimal price a company should charge for soup to forecasting an organization's financial outcomes, each day brings a new business challenge for Wendy McHenry, systems engineer at SAS. Her "How can we help?" attitude is only part of the equation for successful customer relationships. Find out how math

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SAS loves math: Udo Sglavo

“Maybe math is not love-at-first-sight for you, but it pays to flirt with it a little,” says Udo Sglavo.  As a principal analytical consultant in the operations research R&D group at SAS, he’s not your typical mathematician. Udo arrived at his career with a gentle tug from family members and

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SAS loves math: Paul T. Savarese

“We may not see it but math is everywhere around us,” says Paul T. Savarese, Technical Support Statistician at SAS. You don’t have to be a statistician to enjoy this interview, in which Savarese discusses target shooting, Jay Leno and Guinness beer – and ties it all back to the fascinating subject

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SAS loves math: Kathy Lange

Math and analytics are back “in vogue,” says Kathy Lange, member of the Americas Business Analytics practice at SAS. Since she was little, Kathy has seen the world as one big math problem, and her devotion to mathematics is overwhelmingly clear in this lively interview. Read on below, and be

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SAS loves math: Christian Haxholdt

Christian Haxholdt, an analytics consultant in Global Professional Services and Delivery, has a passion for probability. Originally from Denmark, Christian is a former professor of statistics, and although he no longer teaches, he’s still an avid learner. Read on for his spirited interview, and be sure to check out the

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SAS loves math: Tonya Balan

A senior manager in the analytics product management group, Tonya Balan sees herself as a bridge between SAS customers and R&D, ensuring that SAS products stay relevant to the needs of the customer. With a background in statistics and experience as a college professor, Tonya shares her excellent advice and