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New Year's Resolutions and Classroom Technology

Or... How will you enhance integration in 2013? Teachers want to more effectively integrate classroom technology. The question is how to achieve that goal, that “resolution.” Teaching is an individual art. Over the past few years, professional learning communities and vertical teaming has improved collaboration. But in the end, an

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Differentiating in the digital age

Or... do you need to sell a kidney to improve your test scores? Recently I spent several days working with a group of instructional technology facilitators in North Carolina. Taking a break after the first morning session, the participants could not wait to share a SchoolTube video about differentiated instruction.

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Do new teachers automatically understand technology?

Or... just because you saw "The Hunger Games," are you good at archery? As the first waves of the "digital generation" enter the workforce, does their inherent technology skillset transfer directly into job-related tasks? This question has important implications for the 21st century classroom. Today's beginning teachers bring with them

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