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What technologies are CEOs looking at today?

When you can get three succesful corporate leaders on stage to talk at a technology conference, what do you ask them about? Corporate culture, the economy and business leadership, sure - but most importantly, you talk about technology. Specifically, what technologies should businesses be taking advantage of today? Mobile, social

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Live from A2011: Bring us your unsolvable problems

Starting in 2007, according to IDC, the amount of data captured and replicated worldwide outgrew our total available  storage capacity. Total data captured that year equaled 281 exabytes and storage capacity equaled 264 exabytes. These numbers - and that gap - have been growing exponentially ever since. And that's just one

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Analytics-powered companies finish best

I jotted down the following fact from a session yesterday at the Disney Analytics & Optimization Summit: Organizations that invest in analytics perform better in the market. That's quite an assertion. Tweetable for sure. But it was a late-afternoon presentation and I was hungry for supper. So I forgot about

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