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Business Analytics 101: Statistics

~ Contributed by Mike Gilliland ~ Theoretical mathematics has beauty and elegance, along with logical rigor. Mathematical conjectures – or even real-life conjectures that can be formulated as such – can often be proven or disproven with certainty. And then there is Statistics Statistics provide a mathematical foundation for the

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Business Analytics 101: Strategy Management

What’s your organization’s strategy? No, I don’t mean the one on page 27 of the corporate handbook, I mean the REAL strategy, the one, or more, that your EMPLOYEES think is the strategy and is in reality driving your business. Joel Barker, a champion of the concept of paradigm shifts,

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Business Analytics 101: Forecasting

~ Contributed by Mike Gilliland ~ If we know the future demand for our products or services, we will only invest in the resources, capacity, materials, and staffing that will most profitably satisfy that demand. But we don’t know the future, so we have to forecast…and that’s where the trouble

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Business Analytics 101: Supply Chain Analytics

~ Contributed by Ritu Jain ~ Tough market conditions and a sluggish economy have made manufacturers focus even more on supply chain costs. Per an IDC survey earlier in the year of 400+ manufacturers and about 180 retailers “reducing procurement, production, transportation, and logistics costs” came out to be the

Risk Management
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Business Analytics 101: Risk Management

What is Risk Management? Risk Management can be found in many forms. This was emphasized to me while I was Googling “risk management in financial firms.” What I found were hits covering risk management across a wide spectrum of activities, from risk assessment for projects large and small to mathematical

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