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SAS babies and M&Ms

Since Dave mentioned the M&Ms, I thought I'd pop in here for a few minutes and tell you my long-standing theory on the M&Ms at SAS. I've always joked that we lace them with fertility drugs before placing them in the break rooms. That's possible, right? Look, I've worked here

Are we just acting global-y?

What does it mean to be a global company? I certainly think SAS qualifies. We just released our 2007 financial results which show that, in additional to experiencing 15 percent growth and hitting a record US$2.15 billion in revenue, 56 percent of our revenue came from outside the U.S. and

M&Ms really aren't all that expensive

If you know anything about SAS as a workplace, you've probably heard we offer free onsite healthcare to our employees and their covered dependents, we have subsidized onsite daycare, a great big gym and a pool and personal trainers and onsite massage therapy and lots of other amenities, and we've

Eyes wide open for data visualization

Are you the “finder” of lost things in your house: Lego pieces, earrings, cell phones, etc.? If so, you will especially appreciate a compelling new white paper called Visualizing Change: An Innovation in Time-Series Analysis by Stephen Few, an expert in data visualization. Few is Principal of consulting firm Perceptual

Welcome another new contributor

Arati Bechtel joins sascom voices to share news and ideas as a new member of the JMP marketing team. JMP makes software for dynamic data visualization that integrates seamlessly with SAS. In December 2007, Arati started her job as a writer at JMP after a stint as the lead copy

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Happy Anniversary, Google Book Search!

This month marks the three year anniversary of Google Book Search (originally named Google Print). The wrangling from the publishing industry over the introduction of Google Book Search (which still simmers today), was no less than Zeus’s reaction to Prometheus (he’s the one who stole Zeus’s fire and gave it

You see right through me

Every day the world becomes more technology and media-savvy. Each successive generation has a clearer understanding of how we receive our news, information and entertainment. The "fourth wall" that we used to imagine between the audience and the media provider has now been so thoroughly circumvented, scaled, breached and otherwise

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