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A rough guide to reliable information

Ok, apologies for sticking to a similar topic as my opening post. However, while spending vacation in Cyprus (very hot by the way!) a couple of events reinforced my desire to share with you the importance of using credited, current tools/information with the right level of granularity. With regards to

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Hey, do you know this guy?

I first met Greg the Architect on an internal SAS blog about 6 months ago, and I kind of thought everybody had met him by now. But I've been seeing these videos pop up again around the Web, so I figure I'll add to the latest viral wave and introduce

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SAS for Dummies: Is it for you too?

SAS for Dummies is now available for sale here and at bookstores everywhere. While it's not likely the most famous book to premier this month, I personally have gained much satisfaction from seeing it go out and land in the hands of eager readers. Even if you won't admit to

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A baby by any other name wouldn't be as trendy

Naming your child is a big responsibility. For many people, the task involves combing through the Big Book of Baby Names and picking a handful that sound good, and heading into the delivery room with those candidates in mind. (Then again, some folks might just leave it to public opinion.)

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Reporters use SAS? Yes!

Trips to far-away conferences fill me with dread: 1) I don't like to fly; 2) Striking up conversations with people I don't know is difficult and wears me out. The Investigative Reporters and Editors Conference (IRE) which I recently attended in Phoenix, proves it's worth venturing outside my comfort zone.

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Are you prepared for hurricane season?

While the recent issue of Computerworld tells us that IT execs are preparing for hurricane season, researchers at North Carolina State University (NCSU) in Raleigh have predicted a busier-than-normal season. The same researchers who were so accurate last year in predicting a milder-than-normal season are back, this year forecasting a

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Caffeine-inspired post to come

Just a quick post here to introduce our latest sascom voices contributor, Hope Squires. Hope is the managing editor of sascom magazine, and she edits the SAS industry newsletter for the communications, content and entertainment industries. She also recently edited a 52-page sascom magazine supplement that focused on performance management

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