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Five questions with John Quinn

John Quinn is a Marketing Communications Manager for SAS Canada. What are you working on right now? I’m currently working on a PR campaign designed to bring awareness to the analytics software we develop for our customers. These programs are very effective revolutionary tools, yet many don’t even know the

Data for Good
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Who is providing care?

As I head over to Moscone Friday morning, I keep thinking about one statistic I heard yesterday as presented by Dr. Sobel, The Permanente Medical Group: Who provides the largest source of care provision in the US? You do! 80% of all primary care is self-care. In today's age of

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Saying no to silos

These days, “silo” has become a dirty word within organizations – full of negative connotations about curmudgeonly individuals or teams not playing well with others. But at the How to Compete on Analytics: Apply It event in San Francisco on June 4th, SAS speaker Bob Messier advised the audience to

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Water or No Water

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Community Success Forum on the topic of our water supply in North Carolina. The drought of 2007 catapulted state water management issues high on all public officials priority list. The state climate office said that 2007 was the worst drought on modern

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