Ericka Wilcher
Sr. Marketing Specialist

Ericka Wilcher is a Senior Marketing Specialist at SAS, specializing in developing and executing innovative marketing campaigns for brand awareness and lead generation. Ericka specializes in digital strategies for advertising, content creation and syndication, and interactive promotional technologies. Follow @ErickaWilcher on Twitter for more!

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Analytics vs the HiPPO?

Given the increasing role of analytics, are HiPPOS going the way of the dinosaur? According to the recent research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, the answer is yes and no. Perhaps you’ve heard of the term HiPPO (Highest Paid Person in the Organization or Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) –

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Signs of an IT Uprising?

In a previous post, I described the ever-elusive goal of achieving alignment between Business and IT. On the one hand, we see some struggle between these groups, and on the other hand, we see that the lines between Business and IT are increasingly blurred. In fact, my conversations with CIOs

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How to make networking fun

These days you can’t get very far without bumping into some variation of the term “networking.” Sure, there’s the area of computer networking, which is oh-so-important for those of us who must stay attuned to the IT world. But the concepts and opportunities for social networking are so prolific; it’s

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Saying no to silos

These days, “silo” has become a dirty word within organizations – full of negative connotations about curmudgeonly individuals or teams not playing well with others. But at the How to Compete on Analytics: Apply It event in San Francisco on June 4th, SAS speaker Bob Messier advised the audience to