3 tweetable moments from talking with Simon Sinek


Recently I had an opportunity to talk to one of my favorite authors and thinkers, Simon Sinek. The conversation was far reaching, and thousands of people have tuned in to watch the interview.

Our conversation, which took place during our recent Virtual SAS® Global Forum 2020, ranged from the infinite mindset and innovation to embracing change and how to be a leader during COVID-19.

As we were talking, many viewers took the time to tweet their favorite snippets of wisdom from Simon. Seeing what was tweeted gave me a good sense of which quotes resonated with attendees. I am going to share three of those tweets here with the hope that these quotes inspire you to watch the full interview next.

Throughout our conversation, Simon offered many examples of effective leadership and an infinite mindset. “No one will ever be the best leader in the world,” he said. “It’s an infinite game. It’s a game of constant growth and improvement.”

As a lifelong learner myself, I take great inspiration from his point of view. My goal with every endeavor, from programming to playing guitar and leadership, is to learn a little more every day and to enjoy the process of improving.

See a clip of the interview below, and then register to watch the full video on the Virtual SAS Global Forum site. It is available for free through July 16.


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  1. Thanks Oliver for sharing one of my tweet takeaways as it's one that resonates so much with me. Consistency is important as well as the random little things. It is the accumulation of those little things that help make important big things happen while helping people learn, grow and flourish along the way. That's what I love about the SAS community! 😊

    I also relate to your point... "to learn a little more every day and to enjoy the process of improving". It's what life is about, right?

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