I just spent four inspiring days talking to customers about the many ways they are putting analytics into action in their organizations.  From computer vision models that interpret medical images to natural language processing models that analyze supply chain records, SAS users are doing ground-breaking work with analytics and AI.

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In my role as Chief Technology Officer, I appreciate the opportunity SAS Global Forum gives us to showcase the advances we make with technology each year and to see the way those technologies are being applied to solve complex problems.

Important: I am not writing this post only for SAS Global Forum 2019 attendees. It is also for everyone who could not attend but wanted to be there. Actually, I encourage you to follow the links below and to browse the proceedings especially if you did not attend the conference. The content and ideas are impressive – and much of the conference material is available online so you can take advantage of it.

From posters and presentations to videos and articles, there are many links I want to share, but we selected some of the best material for Opening Session, so let me start there. I plan to write another post soon about the latest technology and the brilliant developers we showcased during the Technology Connection.

1. A Selectric made me do it

I dug into the archives for this one and it is worth it. In his opening remarks at SAS Global Forum, CEO Jim Goodnight mentioned his early work on the Apollo Space program and said today’s innovative spirit around AI feels similar to the innovation during that period of the moon landing. If you want to learn a little more about that, he wrote about it in this archived New York Times column.

2. Building a YOLO object detection model using SAS

Goodnight also showcased a Tiny YOLO object detection model that identified SAS Global Forum attendees on stage. You can read more about this technology in the blog post.

3. Citi Global Trade uses AI to digitize compliance in nextgen project

We showcased three customer stories during Opening Session. John Ahearn, Global Head of Trade for Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions, explained to me how they are using AI and natural language processing to transform global trade finance compliance. On stage Ahearn said, “SAS showed us things we didn’t even know were possible.”

4.Technology aims to protect vulnerable children

The audience at Opening Session was moved by this video, showing how New Hanover County, NC uses analytics to protect children. Risk assessment from SAS is equipping social workers to make faster, more informed decisions to keep children safe.

5. Using machine learning to improve tumor biopsies

Richa Sehgal, a high school student, was one of three students honored during Opening Session for the work they are doing with SAS. This blog post describes a project she has worked on to help combat cancer.

6. GatherIQ

Senior Software Developer Jennifer Sabourin showcased free education resources that SAS develops for K-12 students, including this inspiring app that highlights the United Nation’s Global Goals and shows students how they can make a difference in the world with data.

As I said on stage, the powerful message is not that machines are taking over the world. Rather, our message is about analytics, data and the SAS user. Our innovation is customer driven, and we structured SAS Global Forum so users could share their stories with each other. Please keep it going after the conference: learning, sharing, exploring and working to turn a world of data into a world of intelligence.


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