SAS Graphics Accelerator makes charts and graphs consumable for blind users


Some would say that it's impossible for blind users to see charts and graphs. Those same people might have once said it was impossible for the visually impaired to see the particles that comprise an atom, or galaxies that are billions of light years away. Innovation would prove them wrong on all counts.

I’m thrilled to announce the general availability of SAS Graphics Accelerator – a free browser extension that enables users with visual impairments to access SAS data visualizations on their terms. SAS Graphics Accelerator generates alternative presentations of data visualizations including text descriptions, tabular data, and interactive sonification. Sonification enables users to perceive data visualizations using sound.

Check out the Getting Started video below. It demonstrates how to find sample data visualizations and explains the basic features of SAS Graphics Accelerator. Questions or comments? Send them to or read the full article, SAS enables visually impaired to ‘visualize’ data.



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Ed Summers

Sr Manager, Software Development

Ed Summers is Senior Manager of Accessibility and Applied Assistive Technology at SAS.

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