8 signs you might need a center of excellence


Maybe you already have big data plans, a data governance counsel and an advanced analytics platform. Do you still need a center of excellence for analytics or BI? Watch this video, or read the list below to find out if you could benefit from creating a centralized team to manage all analytics projects in your company.

Center of Excellence: 8 Signs It Might Be Time

Watch for these 8 signs in your business:

  1. The business is outpacing your BI/analytics program.
  2. Business and IT are at an impasse.
  3. Business functions drive solo when a car pool would do.
  4. You frequently get different answers for the same question .... and spend more time debating who is right rather than what to do.
  5. You have multiple tools for the same problem ... or you're applying the wrong tools to the job at hand.
  6. You're overwhelmed by demands for data.
  7. You're consumed by tactical issues.
  8. You're too busy looking back to plan ahead.

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