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Over the years, in all my roles within SAS, I've been asked by customers, friends, family and all sorts of people, "What does SAS do?" Bottom-line: SAS delivers results across the organization, because that is what it was designed to do.

Specifically, SAS was designed to deliver analytic results, which ultimately provide two main benefits to any organization:

  1. To be more efficient (or grow revenue).
  2. To reduce waste (or cut costs).

This helps explain why SAS has been so successful for 37+ years and why SAS is a great place to work.  Who doesn’t like helping others succeed? Just like SAS Visual Analytics provides great insight through visuals, I've crated the following picture to show how SAS delivers results across the organization.

The ultimate business value of advanced analytics is the ability to put analytics results to use in a business setting by predicting what is likely happen in the future.  If your data scientist develops a “great analytical insight” but it does not get delivered to your organization’s operational systems in a timely manner and in a format that decision makers can easily understand, that insight does no one any good.

What does a great analytical insight look like? It depends on who you are and what your perspective is. If you are a data scientist, the results could  take on many different forms, including

What if you are not a data scientist? How should this great analytical insight look to others throughout the organization?  It should look like a robust report that wows the end-user. It may even look like similar operational reports but will contain forward-looking information that shows not only the current state of what has happened but also what will happen and even when it will happen.

If you're looking for a consistent way of developing analytics and delivering this type of valuable insight across all parts of an organization, consider SAS Business Analytics.


About Author

David Pope

Technical Leader, Senior Manager US Energy

David leads the pre-sales technical team for SAS US Energy which solves business problems in the Oil & Gas and Utilities industries using advanced analytics. He is a lifetime learner who enjoys sharing information and helping others to grow their careers. He earned a BS in Industry Engineering and a Computer Programming Certificate from North Carolina State University. Furthermore, he has over 29 years of business experience working with SAS across R&D, IT, Sales and Marketing in the Americas and Europe. He is an expert in working with data and producing insights through the use of analytics. David has presented at SAS Global Forum, the 2012 SAS Government Leadership Summit, IBM’s Information on Demand(IOD), EMC World, CTO Summit Conferences, is the author of the book: "Big Data Analytics with SAS", and he currently holds 14 patents for SAS in several countries: US, CA, Norway, UK, China, Mexico, and Hong Kong.


  1. Great article and overview diagram of the SAS Business Analytics Framework!

    It highlights SAS' proven strength in analytics and how SAS can also be used right across the enterprise by all types of users. A fantastic blog post that helps to answer the question "What does SAS do?"

    Look forward to sharing. Thanks!

    • David Pope

      I am very happy you find the the information in the blog to be useful, thank you for reading and for your positive feedback.

  2. Nice. Relevant. Been saying those 2 things for 13 years myself. Now I just add the little bit about how we have made it easy for the non-technical, business side of the house to be self sufficient without a lot of IT needed. Good stuff, David.

    • David Pope

      Thank you for reading and providing feedback (especially the positive kind).
      It is always a pleasure working with you.

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