3 ways to use SAS with Hadoop (video)


How does Hadoop fit into your IT architecture? Does it replace your data warehouse, or complement your EDW? How can you access data in Hadoop? And what is the best way to take advantage of the parallel processing capabilities of Hadoop for advanced analytics?

These and other questions are answered in the following webcast, which features Brian Garrett, Principal Solutions Architect at SAS and John Kreisa, VP of Startegic Marketing at Hortonworks.

If you want to skip around, the first third is a thorough introduction about big data and Hadoop from Kreisa. In the second section of the video (starting at 17:30), Garret describes three ways that SAS works with Hadoop. And the last section (starting around 37:00) is a detailed Q&A session with live viewers.

The Modern Data Architecture for Big Data Analytics with SAS and Hortonworks

You can learn more about the SAS partnership with Hortonworks or read up on the Hadoop big data trend


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  1. I work for a NGO is there a particular version of SAS we can acquire to get all this visualization power ? And do the visualizations require some pre-shaping prior to entering this environment ?

    And what is this environment ? Is this Enterprise SAS ?


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