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Imagine working in partnership with someone who gives you only part of the information you need to do your job. Need to call a supplier to place an order? OK, here are the first three letters of the company name.  Want to see how much profit a store made on a certain brand of chocolate chip cookies in the past month? OK, the store ran out of two brands of cookies within five days of being stocked.


If you only had part of the information – part of the picture – could you answer the questions you need to answer to do your job effectively? These examples give just a hint of what it’s like to be a statistician at many companies today. Statisticians often have to deal with subsets of information and are bombarded by questions that are poorly stated and incomplete. And they may not be able to answer all the questions because they only have part of the information. Only part of the picture.

Having all of the information helps you be more efficient – and fast – at finding answers to the questions you need to ask solve very important business problems.  But how is it possible?    Because now you can look at all of your data, without limitations.

Visualizing website traffic to asses campaign performanceSAS Visual Analytics is designed to handle any size data, large or small. You can use a combination of ad hoc visual exploration and analytics – on all of your data.   And visually explore all of that data with lightning fast results.

It will transform the way you work.

Now you can move rapidly from the initial stages of analytical projects – using visual data discovery and exploration – to the latter stages where you build models, really solid models that deliver promising results.    And because you can conduct your visual exploration and analysis on ALL of the data, not just part of it, you’ll get the picture – the whole picture – and fast.

To learn more, check out: No More Compromises: A Statistician’s Perspective on Expediting the Analytics Life Cycle Or, try SAS Visual Analytics today.

Cindy Turner also contributed to this post.


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