Build on the past and prepare for the future with SAS 9.4


Typically, business success results from a series of decisions and strategies that continue to move the business forward and build on past successes. Choosing SAS 9.4 helps you build on past success and supports your strategy for the future. How? I'll give you four reasons, from four perspectives. SAS 9.4:

  1. Simplifies the task of IT.
  2. Empowers SAS administrators.
  3. Enables developers.
  4. Grows as your business grows.

Let's learn a little more about each perspective.

SAS 9.4 simplifies IT tasks by automating deployment and configuration. Manual integration with third-party software is also reduced providing new levels of fault tolerance. These and other capabilities free your IT team to focus on more important tasks to the success of your business. And it frees up users to focus on the value of business analytics without having to worry about technology.

SAS 9.4 puts more control in the hands of your SAS administrators. It minimizes system delays and bottlenecks, and reduces administrator dependence on IT. Expanded management capabilities, including the new SAS Environment Manager, help administrators manage SAS environments and address concerns before users are even aware of them. Plus, an easier-to-manage environment means precise answers are more easily available when needed to make informed business decisions.

SAS 9.4 helps developers deliver insights faster. How? First, decision makers can combine business knowledge with data exploration using SAS Visual Analytics. Next, developers and analysts can quickly turn those insights into an opportunity with new programming languages and high-performance procedures in SAS 9.4.

How can you make decisions once and make sure those decisions are correct for the long haul? SAS 9.4 can grow as your business grows and can scale to meet demands for increased compute power. The cloud-friendly platform means SAS 9.4 is architected to support private and public cloud. Currently, SAS Visual Analytics for SAS Cloud can deliver quick, easy access to high end, interactive data exploration and visualization. And more SAS cloud-enabled products will be available in the near future.

There's something for everyone in SAS 9.4: IT, SAS administrators, business decision makers and the business as a whole. Learn more about the latest SAS release.


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