Ask a statistician: Why should students study statistics?


If you have been paying attention to the media, you might have heard that statistics is the hottest new field and career choice. According to a recent Wall Street Journal blog post, schools are seeing an influx of students interested in the field. Some students are getting an even earlier introduction since more high schools are offering statistics classes.  The expectation is that this trend will continue. As data grows into big data, the need for data analysis and statistics will continue to grow.  Thus there will an increasing need for people educated in these areas.

As a continuation of our Ask the statistician series, we asked “Why should students study statistics?" The responses are captured in this video:


It's your turn: let us know why you think it's important for students to study Statistics.

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Georgia Mariani

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Georgia Mariani has spent nearly a quarter-century exploring and sharing how analytics can improve outcomes. As a Principal Industry Marketing Manager at analytics leader SAS, supporting the education industry, she passionately showcases customers using analytics to tackle important education issues and help students succeed. Georgia received her M.S. in Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics from the University of New Orleans.


  1. i am a student in the uk. i have to study statistics as a result of going to a day release college course in motor mechanics, and personally i dislike statistics very much. i don't see a point in it. everything that i have supposedly been "taught" i've already been taught years before that. i am not learning anything new. so what is the point of doing it? especially in secondary school when they could be teaching us useful things like things we need in the real world. i mean, i have no clue how to pay bills or buy a house but thank god i know how to work out the mean average of grouped data and pythagoras theorem.. i personally believe that statistics is a waste of student's time and effort and potential

    • Angelica Musoke on

      I am a student currently a second year studying Mathematical Statistics at the University of Cape Town.

      I have many friends juft like you who have to take statistics in their respective degrees and absolutely hate it. I can never really understand why. In a world full of variation and uncertainty, statistics allows one to have a degree of certainty about risks and events. To qauntify and measure risk, determine the outcomes of events, intepret and analyze core issues using mathematical and statistical skills to turn data into meaningful information is absolutely amazing!

      In this day and age - statistical skills are more than just useful - they are essential, irrespective of what you are studying

  2. Hi!!! i am a student of school..i think statistics is very easy but it needs very much practice..when we look at it,it seems to be easy but when we start doing..we come across many minor mistakes which can make us loose our marks..(a great loss for us!!) but i feel it like waste of time!! but i have to do whether i like it or not!! so,the good way is to do it whether u like it or u don't like is the most score gaining topics in exam papers..

    • pipo down here in Kampala ndejje university . we are struggling with statistics it seems it is hard in any way. but then our WI FI is also too slow. we need your prayers. otherwise blesed are those with their own laptops. nice day

  3. We all need to study statistics for planning purposes since we all want to be sure of future occurrences, the probabilities obtained normally assist in such forecasts. Thanks.

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