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Industry-changing dynamics like mobility, smart products, social media and embedded computing put a premium on big data and the insights you can gain from organizational data. As a result, the opportunity to be disruptive with analytics has never been greater.

Yet, when it comes to making analytics work, not all organizations are equal. Some are interested but don’t know where to start. Others have found early success and want guidance on what they should be doing next. Finally, some are knee deep into analytics projects but are still unable to deliver value for the business from big data.

Squeezing value from your data is directly correlated to your technology infrastructure, but that is just one element to consider. Organizational factors like culture, funding, staffing and skills also play important roles. Finally, business, decision, analytic, and infrastructure processes should also be considered.

Does your organization understand its current business analytics state and its readiness for tomorrow? We've developed an online tool to help assess your current strengths and to evaluate gaps in your path to reaching higher levels of competence. This free assessment will:

  • Take an objective look at your current initiatives, priorities and readiness for analytics.
  • Measure yourself against industry peers on eight dimensions.
  • Reveal how to broaden the scope of analytics across your organization.

The online assessment provides a big picture snapshot of your business analytics program and where it needs to go. Not all organizations move at a fast rate, nor do they move smoothly from one stage to next. Regardless of your current position, the assessment will provide a baseline to define future goals, and prioritize staffing and investment decisions. It will also force you to take an objective look at your organization's information infrastructure and create more alignment between business and IT groups.

Do you have, from both IT and business perspectives, what it takes to advance analytics to a new level? Is your organization on the right path in using analytics for competitive differentiation and better performance? Find out today by taking the online Business Analytics Assessment. It takes ten minutes to complete and is composed of 16 questions covering ROI, governance, productivity, timeliness, accuracy, effectiveness, empowerment and maturity. Upon completion, you'll receive a chart that indicates how your organization compares with peers, along with a report on maximizing analytical ROI.


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Tapan Patel

Global Product Marketing Manager, SAS

Tapan Patel is Senior Manager (Product Marketing) at SAS. With 20 years of experience in the enterprise software market, Patel leads and manages product marketing efforts for Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, Decisioning and Cloud Providers.

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