Data visualization with a Hollywood ending


We’ve all seen those climactic movie scenes, where the hero of the story figures out how to “save the day” with only minutes to spare. Imagine a rogue CIA operative dashing into a situation room with the last-ditch information that averts nuclear war – and, as always, succeeding. Nothing says tension and drama like a last-second save!

For anyone familiar with data analysis, the stakes are rarely that high. The tension is there, but it’s usually a tad more subdued. After all, we do our jobs without the benefit of stunt people, controlled explosions and a soundtrack in the background.

Dramatics aside, you probably have your own example of good analysis that shows up a little late, if at all. Today’s managers are faced with two conflicting pressures. On one side, more data, whether it’s big data, more complex information or just simply more data sources. On the other? The need to make better decisions. Now. Not tomorrow. Right now.

Data visualization is a great way to address those two pressures.

With SAS Visual Analytics, you can quickly analyze billions of rows of data, understand trends and how they affect the business. The data visualization capabilities allow you to share results with far-flung teams and put better tools in the hands of decision makers.

The ability to get results with SAS Visual Analytics is now easier to achieve. With a great new offer, SAS Visual Analytics for SAS Cloud,  you can use data visualization and analytics from a hosted private cloud environment. With this deployment option, you – or your users -- can access SAS Visual Analytics without the time and resources required to support a traditional, on-site implementation.  For example … without having to procure and manage hardware.

Cloud-based deployments have a variety of benefits, but what’s really impressive is how quickly you can start using the software. With SAS Cloud, you can deploy SAS Visual Analytics with little-to-no impact on your IT department … and without a long wait-time to implement it.

After all, both IT and business groups have enough to worry about.  Understanding your data is too important to let barriers like hardware costs or scarce implementation resources stand in the way. A cloud-based deployment can put the power of BI and data visualization in the hands of your analysts. Right now.

When your analysts all have better reports at their fingertips, maybe they’ll come running through the hallway, clutching a valuable information on their iPad, and leaping over conference tables ... before breathlessly warning of some impending doom. If you give people the tools they need, you’ll get better results than you could imagine. <Cue dramatic Hollywood music here.>

See for yourself what SAS Visual Analytics is all about.


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