Seven steps to deploying visual analytics


As a marketer interested in analyzing my campaign data visually, I recently had a chance to slow down and read this TDWI checklist report entitled “Seven Steps to Deploying Visual Analytic for Improving Actionable Insight” by Dave Stodder,  Director of TDWI Research for Business Intelligence.  What it helped me understand is that no matter the size of your organization -- or your data -- visual analytics can make it easier to explore all relevant data quickly and easily.  Now of course, I can't wait to get my hands on the software and give it a try with my own data. We're early in our journey of using SAS Visual Analytics, and I want more!

The TDWI Checklist Report outlines seven steps for successful visual analytics intended to help organizations develop strategies for improving data-driven insights to a growing population of users.

  1. Assess users’ visual analytics requirements and how to address them.
  2. Evaluate how visualization can enable nontechnical users to implement advanced analytics.
  3. Take advantage of in-memory computing for scalable visual analytics and faster time to insight.
  4. Implement data visualization to enable users to gain insights from big data.
  5. Integrate visualization with analytic data management.
  6. Improve user experiences with managed, easy-to-use visual analytics.
  7. Implement visual analytics for mobile dashboards and collaboration.

In summary, there's one thing I know for sure: I agree with Dave! He says organizations, including ours,  should deploy visual analytics for dashboards with an eye to how users work collaboratively, including commenting on visual representations and sharing them via social media (of course you can count on me for that social interaction).

Read the full TDWI visual analytics report, and see if you agree with Dave too.


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