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In a recent blog post, I discussed how I enjoy working with the education industry because they are so eager and willing to help. While that post dealt with K-12, this one discusses higher education, specifically the University of Texas System and their public dashboard.

If you are interested in education efficiency, public access to data and institutional accountability, this is a story for you. Here are three different ways to learn about the University of Texas and their public dashboard:

  • A webcast, Institutional Data Transparency : How the University of Texas System is setting a national standard,  where Sandra Woodley, Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives and Stephanie Bond Huie, Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives discuss their public dashboard project and how it has been helping the university system.  They describe the capabilities of the interactive dashboard project and what it took to successfully implement the first phase of the project in just four months.
  • whitepaper of the same name that includes implementation details and dashboard enhancement descriptions.
  • A short demo of the dashboard that you can see here:
    Let me give you a bit more detail on their project.  University of Texas System needed to increase transparency and effectively measure productivity and efficiency to improve education quality. To meet these requirements, the system created Web access to a public dashboard using SAS which allowed open sharing across 15 campuses and system administration. As it is a public dashboard feel free to view and try it


    . The dashboard project enables the public to see how the system and its institutions are performing on a variety of measures, from student access to faculty performance, research and technology transfer, costs, and more.

So, the University of Texas System is doing some amazing things to get information in the hands of their users. While it was great working with their team, sadly I never got the opportunity to meet them in person. But that is about to change as they will participate on a panel discussion at the Premier Business Leadership Series. As I will be attending, I will finally get that opportunity.

Lastly,  the University of Texas System will be helping us host and will be presenting at a Texas Higher Education SAS Day scheduled for November. It is really great to work with customers that are so excited that they want to eagerly share their accomplishments with SAS and our customers, so we can all learn from what they are doing.


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