Can super-powered messaging save Datapolis?


The lines at clinics, hospitals and pharmacies seemed endless. My people, the people of Datapolis, were growing wearier by the day…

The targeted, on-time communications intended to inform citizens about new healthcare options and relieve stress on the system were arriving late, or being delivered to the wrong consumers. And in many cases, they weren’t going out at all.

Something had to be done. Datapolis’ Council of Elders quickly brought in a new and talented young analyst. After a detailed investigation, he identified that an infestation of the BitSwarm, a data-hungry electronic arthropod was devouring the data needed to deliver accurate communications to those who needed it most.

Could this would-be hero stop the infestation, repair the data and get accurate communications flowing again? To find out, read more about the hero later dubbed MEGAVOX.

Back on your planet, the real-life MEGAVOX, Frank Caputo, CMS Data and Analytics Specialist at Australian health insurance provider Medibank was performing his own feats of analytic heroism.

To deliver the most value to its customers, Medibank needed an automated and targeted communications solution for reaching the right customers, with the right offering, at exactly the right time.

Frank Caputo helped make this solution possible using SAS and Teradata in-database solutions, serving customers the info they need, when they need it and in the process, reducing costs and increasing revenue.

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