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What do SAS technology partners think about the “big data” craze? Is it real or hype? And if it's real, what skills do you need to embrace big data opportunities? At our upcoming events,  Analytics 2012 and The Premier Business Leadership Series, you’ll get the opportunity to ask these questions of our partners in more detail, including Deloitte’s Bheeshma Tumati.

Tumati will be hosting a roundtable discussion on Information Management in Big Data Analytics Platform on Tuesday, October 9, and he’ll be manning the Deloitte booth in the expo hall.  Check out the roundtables and other special events going on at this year’s conference.

Until then, here’s a little of what Tumati has to say about the impact of analytics:

What do you see as the hottest trend(s) in analytics?

There is a growing interest in federal and commercial sectors for new technologies and skills to collect, store, and analyze large scale structured and unstructured data (otherwise known as "big data") and using it for competitive advantage through predictive modeling, forecasting, and optimization.

What are some challenges that analytics professionals are facing today?

Understanding the rapidly advancing and emerging open source big data technologies and their applicability to solve the real world problems.

How will high-performance analytics (big data) affect our world?

The good news is we now have the big data and High Performance technologies to make sense of the historically collected data for hindsights, insights, and foresights with faster turnaround times, but the bad news is we don’t have enough talent in the market yet to implement these technologies at a large scale. Technology and use cases are still emerging and needs maturity for mass adoption.

What career advice would you give to an analytics professional to grow in their field?

Be good at what you do. Learn Hadoop, MapReduce, and statistical programming languages like R, SAS, SPSS, etc. Get your hands dirty with coding to be more successful as an analytics professional in the big data world.

What will attendees learn by visiting the Deloitte booth in the Exhibit Hall?

They will learn if big data is real or hype. How they can grow their careers in Deloitte. What are some of the initiatives Deloitte is investing in to harness the talent to tap into the big data and analytics opportunities and help our clients be more successful in the new order of the big data world.

What are you most looking forward to at the analytics conference?

To listen to real people with real business problems. Learn success stories and best practices. Network with the brightest minds in the technology and analytics world. Identify business opportunities, alliance and teaming partners. Understand what our clients and competitors are looking for. Identify potential talent for hiring.


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