SAS 4 SMB: a new series for small and midsize companies

SMBs also require data management, analytis and forecoasting, and reporting.

Here’s the thing, if you are a small or midsize business, you realize (better than anyone) how there is really nothing small or midsize about what you do. It is simply business ... and just like with all the Fortune 500 monster companies out there, you face the same dilemmas with data management, analytics and forecasting, and reporting – perhaps on a different scale but nonetheless, everyone faces the same quandaries with data overload, data quality and how to use your data to your advantage.

This has been an ongoing discussion at SAS, and since we too started out as a small business some 36 years ago, we have a few experts in the SMB marketplace that want to share their knowledge on current trends in the SMB marketplace and discuss issues that are keeping everyone - from startups to established mid-sized businesses - from reaching their goals.  In that light, we’ve launched a few resources that we hope you will find useful.

First, the “SAS 4 SMB” Blog Series, which will be hosted every week right here on SAS Voices, will feature a myriad of experienced contributors from the SMB field.  We will cover topics from SAS as a startup to traditional, family-owned business taking advantage of the power of SAS. We adamantly invite you to share your opinions and ask questions as we go along. In addition, we will be continuing the discussions on Twitter under #SAS4SMB, where we will be providing multiple key assets and resources beyond the blog posts.  Finally, we’ve launched a new SAS SMB webpage dedicated to the specific needs of SMB business professionals. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.


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Meg Crawford

Meg Crawford is the Social Media Marketing and Digital Strategist at SAS, where she works on integrating social media/digital components into marketing campaigns. Meg contributes to the Customer Analytics blog covering all things social and tech related...including SEO, content creation, and network marketing. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Technology and Communications at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Connect with Meg on Twitter at: @Postgrad


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  1. This is great news. We are a SAS alliance partner and help our clients acquire SAS Consulting Talent nationwide. It is heartening to see this initiative by SAS to address the unique needs of the SMB marketplace.

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