Evil Strikes eCommerce


Thanks to Illumino, the citizens of Datapolis are still able to get their medicine and Frackture is being kept at bay; however we both have our hands full and a new crisis is on the horizon. Our data scientists and engineers have informed me that a new evil force is threatening The Exchange. The Exchange is the unified commerce infrastructure that enables ALL of our society’s goods and services to be bought, sold and exchanged.

In your society on Earth, e-commerce currently accounts for 7% of all retail sales. And while consumers there are estimated to spend $327 billion shopping online by 2016, bringing that percentage up to nearly 10% (a 62% increase from 2011), we here in Datapolis make nearly 100% of our purchases online. As a result, this new threat endangers the very fabric of our entire financial system.

To battle this new evil force, we need someone who is a master of massive data management and systems architecture with a deep knowledge of user experience experimentation.

Just as on Earth, experts at this level are a rare breed. Such a hero would be more than worthy to join the Heroes of Analytics. If you or anyone you know possess these skills, contact us. Please act quickly. Time is of the essence.


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